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Zeiss Cirrus OCT 4000

  • Carl Zeiss Meditec is a global leader in OCT technology. The Cirrus represents years of research and innovation to become the best-selling spectral domain OCT in the world.

  • The Zeiss Cirrus 4000 HD-OCT delivers detailed diagnostic and change analysis you can rely on. The small footprint and fast capture speeds of the Cirrus 4000 improve work efficiency while helping you to deliver better care to your patients.

  • By using the advanced imaging technology of spectral domain optical coherence tomography (OCT), the Cirrus 4000 enables examination of the posterior and anterior of the eye with detailed, high-definition scans. Better assess your patient’s condition by viewing pathologies from multiple vantage points and with a range of visualization formats. The Cirrus 4000 OCT captures such a tightly packed, detail-rich cube of data in just seconds that additional scans are no longer needed.

  • Once a comprehensive cube of data is generated, the Cirrus can transform the information into insight. Advanced algorithms, cube tracking from visit to visit, and diversified normative databases all allow for analysis you can trust. Additionally, the Zeiss Cirrus 4000 OCT offers anterior segment imaging of the angle and cornea.

Available with windows 10 and exam lane review station software

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