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Zeiss Cirrus OCT 5000

  • Carl Zeiss Meditec, the global leader in OCT technologies, has developed the Cirrus line with both doctors and patients in mind. Decades of research, innovation, and clinical experience have made Cirrus is the best-selling spectral domain OCT in the world.

  • The Zeiss Cirrus 5000 HD-OCT builds on the previous model Cirrus 4000. While retaining all the most important features, the 5000 offers upgraded hardware and Smart HD scans. FastTrac retinal tracking reduces eye motion artifacts and enables tracking of the current scan to the position of a previous scan and thus better progression analysis.

  • The large 19-inch monitor of the Cirrus 5000 displays ultra-clear, high-definition scans to help you assess your patient’s condition and identify subtle changes in pathology. Cube data allows you to analyze data from multiple views for comprehensive insight, and Smart HD scans automatically center on the fovea, targeting critical areas. Additionally, the Cirrus 5000 introduces AngioPlex OCT angiography option to provide non-invasive 3-D microvascular imagery.

Available with windows 10 and exam lane review station software

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