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VX110 Multi-Diagnostic Wavefront Aberrometer
Powermap® Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Technology

The unique Powermap® sensor analyzes wavefront distortions at the pupil exit after crossing optics. With over 1500 measurement points, this allows for a complete view of both low and high order aberrations and enables measurement of pupil diameters as small as 2mm.

Multi-Diagnostic Instrument

By combining a Wavefront Aberrometer, Corneal Topographer, and an Autorefractor / Keratometer, you save on cost, space, and increase your efficiency in your practice making this instrument an easy purchase.

More Features
  • Measures pupils as small as 2mm

  • Automatic right / left eye movement

  • Autotracking

  • Automeasurement

  • Autofocusing

  • Based on Wavefront technology

  • Retro-illumination – spot aberrations in the IOL and cornea scratches easily

  • Global view of refraction aberrations EMR and VX55 digital refraction compatibility

  • 10.4″ Color Touchscreen interface

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